Pointeurs faciles de réflexologie pour des maux de tête

Pointeurs faciles de réflexologie pour des maux de tête

In this excerpt, Ewald Kliegel provides reflexology techniques for one of the most common human ailments – the headache.

The head is prone to different problems – from throbbing temples with the sensation of being trapped in a vice, while a jackhammer is busy at work in the background, to having a brain that feels as though it is made of cotton wool. Fortunately, however, most of these nasty sensations go away on their own.

The symptoms are as varied as the causes that may underlie them: a stiff neck, problems with the spine, metabolic disturbances, allergies, medicine, unstable blood pressure, too much stress, long periods spent sitting at the computer and much more. Essentially, any organ in the body can have a detrimental effect on the head.

Most people suffering from a headache just think of reaching for the usual analgesics but these medicines are often also bad for the head. Until the cause has been identified, you are better off using remedies that cause no side effects instead. These include reflex zone massage, which generally works just as quickly as the usual headache pills.

1. Neck Reflex Zones

reflexology - neck reflex zonesA typical place to treat a tension headache is the neck. It seems the natural place to reduce the muscle tension that causes it, even with no knowledge of the reflex zones. Important control centers for many of the functions of the head and sensory organs are also located here, just beneath the point where the muscles of the spine meet the muscles of the neck.

For this technique, take the back of your head in your hands, with your fingers to the sides and your thumbs in the middle. From this position, make circular strokes with both thumbs to massage the central area gently but thoroughly.

After basic unblocking of the maximum release points, finish with effleurage from a line down the back of the neck out to the sides.

2. Hand Reflex Zones

Hand Reflex ZonesHeadaches are annoying and unpleasant – they can stop us from thinking clearly and be impossible to shake off.

Two areas of the hand reflex zones may be of some help: the brain stem zones on the joint of the thumb enable you to influence the nerve supply to the head, while the reflex zones of the brain are in the pads of the fingers.

Basic unblocking has proved effective for the brain stem zones and, even when used on its own, can often make a situation more bearable.Hand Reflex Zones

Rubbing the pads of the fingers together gently for a few minutes may often produce results, making a nagging stress pain disappear, or at least be eased considerably.

Complementary Techniques

For recurrent headaches, it’s also worth considering the impact of any possible mental strain in addition to any medical considerations. The expressions ‘racking my brains’ and the need to ‘get my head round’ something hint at this type of underlying cause and some honest self-appraisal may be required to pinpoint where a conflict of this kind may be proving too stressful and burdensome.

Les huiles essentielles that have a beneficial effect on headaches include lemon balm, cardamom and ginger (give them a try!), while the pierres précieuses amethyst, dumortierite (the ‘take it easy’ stone) and garnet have also demonstrated that they work particularly well.

Ancient Indian medicine teaches the use of meditative finger positions (known as mudras*) for many problems. One such mudra is also extremely effective against headaches. Using light pressure, just press the fingers of both hands together for one to three minutes and breathe deeply in and out over the joined fingers.

* Editor's Note: for more information, read an article on mudras.

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